About Me

I’m a writer, content marketing creator and producer born and raised in Sao Paulo and currently living in Los Angeles.


A mid 20s Brazilian guy is struck by the power of storytelling and see no other option than quitting his job back home and building up his own path in the American entertainment industry.

When I was 5 years old I decided I would be a goalie, despite being the shortest guy in the team. It turned out that until 10 years old I was the best goalie of the competitions we played. But then I realized the goalkeeper usually is the guilty one when the team is defeated and carry no glory when the team wins. Quick math: I became a forward. But I was still short. And skinny. It shouldn’t work. The first year was not easy, I held position in the bench for a couple games, but in the first moment the coach trusted on me, I gave it back. I was the striker of the team in that year.

Becoming a soccer player used to sound natural for me. It happens that I come from the country where good soccer players are as hard to find as a tourist in Santa Monica, so at age 15 I realized I should match my passion for soccer with another of my interests. I would work for a company that promotes soccer through its Marketing. The Advertising college came, a new world of people and culture opened right in front of my eyes. Soon I was working for Red Bull as a Marketing specialist and producing events like a soccer contest named after Neymar Jr.

The turning point came when I produced a content project where I could tell the story on how Naçao Zumbi and Paralamas do Sucesso (major Brazilian rock bands) met and became great partners. That experience blew my mind. Storytelling became my obsession. And here I am, living in Los Angeles and putting all of my efforts in one thing: working in the entertainment industry. I graduated from Film and TV Development Certificate at UCLA and have worked as a screenwriter for an E-Learning startup based out of Silicon Valley. I had the opportunity to produce content videos for Red Bull US and Delta Airlines and also joined a couple short film crews.

Let me try and summarize that for you: writing is my passion, producing is my major background and being part of the film industry is my ambition. I’m still skinny, I’m not that short anymore, and now I’m giving my best to make it again.

Thanks for stopping by ;D