I like to think stories and make them happen.

I’m a writer, content marketing creator and producer born and raised in Sao Paulo and currently living in Los Angeles.

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I’ve been working on different parts of the production slate. From PA to Line Producer, my experience began leading events while working for Red Bull in Brazil and has evolved into film production.

Writing started as my tool to solidify concepts, and now is my way to create stories. Since 2017, I’ve been publishing articles, interviews, chronicles in Redbull.com and Medium.com. Lately I’ve worked as a screenwriter for an E-Learning whose work focuses on storytelling and also have been writing narrative short films scripts.

Event production was the crib of my career. As a Red Bull Field Marketing Specialist, I could manage events and be the responsible for all the process, from pre to post production. Also in my Red Bull Experience, I was responsible for the management of an 11-people team.